A powerful approach

We are leveraging the principle of synthetic lethality to develop therapies that take aim at drivers of cancer that have not been approached before.

At Tango, we have built a high-throughput, robust target discovery platform that uses CRISPR to find vulnerabilities in specific cancers. Our process is efficient and productive, generating six to eight well-validated targets a year. Leveraging our expertise in drug discovery, pre-clinical development and translational medicine, Tango scientists will bring new small molecules to the clinic and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Discovery Pipeline

Discovery Pipeline Discovery Pipeline

We aim to become a fully-integrated biotechnology company bringing transformative medicines to people with cancer.  We believe strategic collaborations with pharma and other biotech companies can help us achieve this goal and deliver more novel cancer drug targets and medicines to patients.  Please reach out if you are interested in exploring ways to work together: bd@tangotx.com.


Tango Therapeutics entered a global strategic collaboration with Gilead Sciences in October, 2018 to discover, develop and commercialize a pipeline of innovative targeted immuno-oncology therapies. Under the multi-year collaboration, we will perform target discovery and validation and Gilead will have options to worldwide rights on up to five targets emerging from our proprietary discovery engine. We will retain the option to co-develop and co-commercialize two of those programs.

The collaboration does not include our lead programs. We retain all rights to those programs and are committed to advancing them into the clinic and beyond, as part of our mission to deliver the next generation of transformational targeted therapies to patients in need.

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Learn more about the culture of innovation at Tango.Learn more about the culture of innovation at Tango.