Clinical Trials

Commitment to Patients

At Tango, we are committed to patient health, safety and well-being. The patient is part of our process from discovery through to development, and we focus our research and development on areas where we can make a difference in the lives of patients with few or no effective therapeutic options.

We are developing and testing oncology medicines to expand the treatment options for those living with cancer.

Open trials

Product: TNG908
Status: Open and Recruiting

MTAP-deleted cancers
Evaluating safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmocodynamics, and preliminary clinical activity of TNG908 in patients with MTAP-deleted cancers.

Compassionate Use

Currently, participation in a clinical trial is the only way to receive Tango investigational therapies and until safety and efficacy data become available, we will not be making our investigational therapies available in other ways. If you have questions about participating in a clinical trial, please speak to your treating physician or contact

Learn more about the culture of innovation at Tango. Learn more about the culture of innovation at Tango.