Jannik N. Andersen, PhD

Jannik N. Andersen, PhDBiology

Jannik N. Andersen, Senior Vice President of Biology, brings extensive expertise in basic and applied cancer research to his role in overseeing the integration of functional genomics, drug discovery biology, and translational and computational biology.

Previously, Jannik worked across the translational continuum in larger pharmaceutical companies like Novo Nordisk and Merck, in the biotech industry at Xtuit and Xios Pharmaceuticals, and in major university hospitals having held director-level positions at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas.

Jannik has a multidisciplinary background, first graduating as an Erasmus Scholar from Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, before earning a Master of Science in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, and a doctorate in human biology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Copenhagen. He completed his PhD thesis at Novo Nordisk and conducted his post‚Äźdoctoral studies at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, focusing on molecularly targeted therapies.